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Since 1983, Reptek has represented companies providing high quality instrumentation to the industrial, environmental, and process control markets.

Our technical representatives serve customers in New England, providing a responsive and reliable link betweeen you and the manufacturers.

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About Reptek

Reptek represents the following manufacturers
in New England.

FCI Fluid Components International, LLC
FCI Industrial and Aerospace Products

Thermal dispersion mass flowmeters, flow switch, flow monitors, liquid level, interface controllers.

Vortab Corporation
Vortab Flow Conditioner

Flow conditioners for gas and liquid flows.

Celesco Transducer Products
Celesco PT8 and M150

Position measurement transducers: linear, rotational, industrial, miniature, and OEM transducers.

Flir Infrared Camera
Flir Infrared Imaging Cameras e75 Models

Thermal Imaging Cameras and Meters, Infrared Training, and Infrared Inspections.

Russ and Adam Kraiterman * 21 Manomet Road, Sharon, MA 02067 * (781) 784-6700